Proactive Pipeline

“A scientific approach to B2B sales”

We believe passionately that sales is one of the great professions and like all professions, high standards are expected and achieved through research, training and continuous personal development. In today’s market, intuition and conjecture are not enough when competing with those who are better positioned. We want to help the B2B SME sector to compete not only against each other but against corporates.

Scientific Research

The science we are concerned with is behavioural science. Our approach to sales improvement is based on multiple scientific research studies conducted by psychologists and behavioural scientists from institutions such as Harvard, MIT and Carnegie Mellon universities along with various management consulting and advisory firms.

Accelerated Learning

We then combine these insights with Accelerated Learning, a scientifically proven approach to training. Through this method we create highly effective sales training programmes and workshops to help salespeople improve their performance relative to:

  • Prospecting
  • Engagement
  • Qualification
  • Closing

Courses are supported by Sales Skills Assessments to guide training initiatives and learning reinforcement to protect the investment in training.

Extensive B2B Sales Experience

The third component in the mix is our extensive B2B sales experience in various strands of technology, selling technological solutions in SME and corporate environments. Course instructors reflect on these experiences to translate theory into practice and to align our content with participant’s industry specific challenges.

Brendan Dunne

Brendan Dunne has over 30 years experience selling technological solutions across a range of disciplines and industries. During this time he held various positions including Country Manager and Director of Sales with industry leading global entities.

In later years he has turned his attention to the Learning and Development industry. He received his Learning and Development Practice Diploma from UCC and is a member of the Irish Institute of Training and Development.