David is an Account Manager with an IT services company, they supply a wide range of products and services to the Professional Services sector. He qualified with a business degree from UCC and has worked for the same company since leaving college.

His strong traits are getting on well with people and his attention to detail, these have proven to be effective assets in maintaining and growing business within existing accounts. However, his weakness is breaking into new accounts.  With natural attrition taking effect, he is beginning to struggle to meet his target so he must address this issue.


David attended the Business Development sales training course by Proactive Pipeline which amongst other topics, covered Prospecting and Engaging Prospects. He realised that he was making some very basic mistakes like pitching instead of discovering need and expecting too much from the first deal when cracking the account should be the objective.

Most of all he discovered that successful salespeople follow a structured sales process based on this template:

  • Prospecting
  • Engaging
  • Qualifying
  • Presenting
  • Handling Objections
  • Negotiating
  • Closing
  • Referrals

David learned to combined this process with his industry specific sales methodology to create a winning formula.


The outcome of his investment in training is a new approach to prospecting and other aspects of his selling cycle. He is no longer pitching for business but instead he is probing for needs and aligning himself as a provider of those needs. He is shifting away from discussions on price to discussions on value and he has learned that value of his own differentiated position.

David now realises that there is a science involved in breaking into new accounts, that it’s not a simple matter of making a sale but to convince the prospect that his company is well positioned to partner with his prospect for their long term benefit and not for his short term gain.

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