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B2B Sales Prospecting Resource Checklist

Sales prospecting is one of those necessary evils of B2B sales, nobody likes doing it but without it your business will suffer. The best thing to do is face it head on, grab it with both hands by scheduling resources and planning the activity well in advance.

This planner will help you to create your own prospecting schedule and if you go the distance and execute it, your revenue stream will look more consistent


Solution Selling

This relates to the component of your product/service mix that is designed to solve specific business problems. The sale value is medium to high, the sales cycle is medium to long and value is customer specific.

The objective of the curse is to help salespeople understand the value in their own offering and to steer away from selling on price. It is based on the 8 principles of solution selling where the fundamental principle is “People do Business with People they Like”. You have mastered Solution Selling when you can successfully persuade your prospect to choose you to help them solve their business critical problems.

Business Development

This relates to repeat business or the opening of new accounts where the product/service is not a high value capital spend. Repeat business can be high volume and highly repetitive such as in the case of wholesale businesses or low volume but high value in the case of VARs. Either way it is important to keep your customer that you fought so hard to win in the first place.

The course is based on a typical sales process: Prospecting; Engaging; Qualification; Presentation; Handling Objections; Closing and Referrals.

Sales Productivity

There is more to selling than Prospecting, Presenting and Persuading people to put their trust in you. If you’re not managing your time effectively, keeping up with your paperwork or setting and measuring your own personal goals, your productivity will suffer. All the hard work you put into perfecting great selling techniques will be lost on inefficiencies.

The focus of this course is on issues such as: Time Management; Personal Motivation; Responsibility & Accountability; Goal Setting & Achieving; Analysing Problems & Evaluating Risk.

Sales Skills Assessments – Sample Report

The Universal Sales Skills Audit (USSA) assesses Skills and benchmarks participants against tens of thousands of their peers. Skills are readily accessible within each individual to assess, benchmark, and most importantly, are quick and easily to improve through training.

The USSA does not assess Personality or Behaviour, both of which can be very difficult and costly to change. Nor is it a test of Cultural fit for your organisation.

A USSA report delivers to you an unbiased, clinical report of each individual’s core sales skills from which you can both assess a potential candidate’s current skills level and/or set a development plan for an existing executive. It provides accurate and reliable feedback on a candidate’s core sales competencies.


VP Sales Assist – Sales Improvement Programme

Accelerate the Effectiveness of Your Sales Team – Use science to rate the effectiveness of your sales team and a blended learning and coaching approach to improve awareness and skills

VP Sales Assist is a 5 step Sales Improvement Programme

  • Sales Skills Assessments – Individual assessment reports on 57 different sales skills.
  • Strategic Workshop – Design the programme for your needs.
  • Team Training Workshops – Choose the appropriate training modules.
  • Coaching / Mentoring – Support and develop individual team members
  • Reassess – Evaluate the results
SME Sales

SME Sales Champions – Accelerate the Effectiveness of your Sales Team

Use Science to rate the effectiveness of your sales team. Use effective sales training to increase this effectiveness. Support, coach and mentor for maximum improvement

SME Sales Champions is a 5 Step Programme

  • Sales Skills Assessments – assess current skill levels scientifically
  • Strategic Workshop – plan interventions for best results
  • Team Training Workshops – Implement skills training for the sales team
  • Coaching / Mentoring – consistently support individual team members
  • Reassess – evaluate the results

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