Helen owns and runs an IT Managed Services company, she has 35 employees and needs to generate €5m each year in sales across a number of revenue streams. Although she always hits her target she finds herself under huge pressure every other month because the sales pipeline suffers peaks and troughs and this translates to the overall revenue picture.

She understands the reason behind the troughs is that when they land new business everyone is so busy ensuring that the contract is delivered, they take their eye off their prospecting ball. In other words, there is a short term lack of hunger for new business.


In order to solve this problem and to ensure a constant flow of business, Helen knew that she had to implement an effective Lead Generation strategy. Together with her Sales and Marketing Manager, they attended the Lead Generation Strategy Workshop by Proactive Pipeline, where they examined all the options available to them including inbound and outbound campaigns.

The value in the exercise was not so much the awareness of the options but the realisation of the resources required and the expected return on each option. She discovered that personal commitment and dedicated time were the most important elements of any campaign and without these any investment is a poor one. The outcome was a strategic costed plan to be implemented by the Sales and Marketing Manager.


Helen and her colleagues now follow their strategic plan to the letter and the results are phenomenal. They managed to rid themselves of the dreaded troughs and the unwanted pressures they brought, instead they enjoy a constant and growing revenue stream.

Is your cashflow inconsistent, do you need to develop a better lead generation strategy?

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