Mary is a Business Development Manager with an internet hosting and domain registration company. 50% of her time is taken up with handling small but repetitive transactions while the other 50% relates to more substantial solution selling activities.

Both her transactional and solution selling roles require a lot of time, transactional selling is heavy on paper work and processes while solution selling requires research, planning and generating in-depth business proposals, leaving little time for sales prospecting or account management activities. As a result, Mary’s pipeline is weak and she is losing contact with key accounts, a recipe for long term revenue problems.


Her training budget allowed her to attend a course on time management and general personal improvement so she chose the Sales Productivity course from Proactive Pipeline, it only took half a day and she could justify that investment.

The Sales Productivity course focused on the aspects of her job that didn’t relate to customer engagement, she was fine on that front anyway so the content was applicable and focused, it went towards improving performance in the following areas:

  • Time Management
  • Task Prioritising
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Motivation
  • Problem Solving
  • Analysing Risk


As a result of sitting the course, Mary is far more efficient, it helped her to allocate her time and resources more effectively with clear goals and objectives in mind. She finds herself wasting less time on unproductive activities and spending more time achieving her sales target and personal goals.

Her pipeline is where it needs to be with correct ratios between prospects, opportunities, probabilities and won business. Key accounts are now getting regular calls and visits and she is penetrating accounts to expand her network which is goes towards populating the pipeline.

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