Michael is a Sales Manager with an IT Managed Services Provider, he is responsible for 6 salespeople across various roles, products and services. Recent sales reports indicate a worrying decline in closed deals and he needs to act before it becomes a real problem.

He feels some sales training would help, it’s been a while since the company invested in training and the last time around the experience was positive and people lifter their game as a result. The question on Michael’s mind is what type of sales training? He was browsing online and came across a lot of different courses but instead of finding what he wanted, he became more confused.


In order for Michael to understand what raining to invest in, he first needed to understand his team’s strengths and weaknesses. To achieve this he used the Sales Skills Assessments service from Proactive Pipeline. This is an online psychometric analysis of each salesperson’s skills across five categories:

  • Customer Contact Skills (Prospecting)
  • Customer Engagement Skills (Needs Analysis)
  • Negotiating & Closing Skills (Value and Differentiation)
  • Information & Activity Management Skills
  • Business Skills Audit (Problem Solving)

The assessments only took 40 minutes to complete and the reports arrived immediately. The reports themselves were graphical, making them easy to interpret and gave everyone concerned a clear indication as to what skills needed attention. Proactive Pipeline could then recommend the most appropriate course(s) for each candidate to attend.


Rather than Michael sending all his team on a single training course and hoping it would satisfy all their needs, he was able to split the team across three different courses where appropriate. His overall training spend was reduced and his team are happier that they received the training they wanted. Productivity has improved with total revenues up by 15% on last year where a 5% increase was projected.

Do you have a sales team that could perform better with some sales training?

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