Niall is the owner of a mobile computing company, they offer a mobile solution to parcel delivery companies which includes software, hardware and support services. Niall’s team of salespeople comprises of 2 Enterprise Sales Executives and 2 Business Development Managers.

He is an advocate of sales training, he believes in investing in his staff and that appropriate sales training can  deliver a massive return on investment. However, he’s been around the block long enough to know that even the best of training can be lost on those who receive it if it’s not reinforced.


Of all the different sales training options Niall looked at, he was most impressed with Proactive Pipeline and their Individual Sales Mentoring reinforcement programme. On completion of the chosen courses, his reps received a number of weekly telephone mentoring sessions conducted by the course facilitator. The sessions are designed to help the reps apply the techniques and methods learned on the course to live opportunities.

The benefits of reinforcement are well documented. Studies show that 84% of structured learning can be lost after 90 days. If reinforced however, retention rates can be as high as 90% after the same period.

In addition to reinforcement, Niall uses the Individual Sales Mentoring service from Proactive Pipeline to help him with large opportunities. He finds that the input from a third party who is emotionally removed from the business gives him the clarity needed to compile compelling solutions with real value and differentiation.


The mentoring activity extended the scope of the training beyond the classroom and into the field where it matters. Reps can be seen to be taking out their course workbook to apply techniques and strategies to their selling activities whereas without the mentoring the chances are the workbooks would be gathering dust in their desks.

The application of what the reps learned on the courses is making a huge difference to everyone’s pipeline and results, the additional cost was minimal and the benefits of mentoring are startling.

Would your team and your sales figures benefit from coaching and mentoring?

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