Improve Your Performance with a Different Perspective

Individual Sales mentoring can take two forms, it can be used to reinforce sales training or it can help with specific sales challenges.

Reinforce Sales Training

It is widely believed that one of the problems with sales training is that it “doesn’t stick”, that shortly afterwords salespeople fall back into their old habits and the investment is at risk. Mentoring is our method of overcoming this stumbling block, we engage with trainees on a regular basis over fixed periods greatly improving the chances of the training sticking.

Repetition is seen as the most intuitive principle of learning, in ancient Greece Aristotle commented on the role of repetition in learning by saying “it is frequent repetition that produces a natural tendency”.

specific sales challenges

Salespeople, Sales Managers and Business Owners will meet specific sales challenges from time to time in relation to large or strategically important opportunities. We help to overcome these challenges by adding our expertise and perspective to the scenario.

These mentoring sessions are usually initiated by a specific problem, but the outcome of the sessions are relevant to the organisation as a whole and pay benefits over the long term. Sales strategies and sales processes are often developed as a result of these sessions.