The Universal Sales Skills Audit (USSA) is an online assessment tool for salespeople across all sectors.  It provides accurate and reliable feedback on a candidate’s core competencies relative to the following:

Management use this tool to gauge the suitability of new hires and to devise Personal Development Plans for existing staff.

Sales Assessments

Why Assess Candidates or Staff?

  • How developed are your staff’s communication skills?
  • How well do they understand your prospect’s business?
  • Do your salespeople have the right skills for the job they’re tasked to do?
    • Key Account Management
    • Business Development
    • Solution Selling
  • How well do they know the basics of closing a sale?
  • How well can they negotiate, and to what level of competence?
  • Do they have the techniques to make a sales prospect feel comfortable?
  • How clearly do they understand the importance of planning and preparation?
  • The person who just impressed you in an interview, can they be dropped into the field or do they require training before customer contact?

Auditing the sales skills of your staff identifies strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to allocate your training resources in the most effective manner and plan for continued improvement.


  • Customer Contact Skills
    • Customer Contact Skills are about generating initial interest from the customer in your application, product or service, and starting the process of creating rapport. Customer Contact skills are essential. In sales, first impressions do more than simply “count”, they can make or break you! This module is incorporated in our Sales Prospecting training course.

      Within this simple 10 minute assessment we look at 4 key areas of business acumen that are crucial to sales success:

      • Spotting opportunities
      • Using probing questions
      • Communicating
      • Advising the customer

  • Customer Engagement Skills
    • Customer Engagement Skills are required to effectively engage the customer in conversation and start the process of qualification, with the objective of gaining an understanding of the customer’s needs. This module is incorporated in our Consultative Selling training course.

      Within this simple 8 minute assessment we look at 5 key areas of business acumen that are crucial to sales success:

      • Matching customer needs to products or services
      • Awareness of competitors
      • Understanding the customer’s needs
      • Testing and challenging assumptions
      • Keeping abreast of new products and services

  • Negotiating & Closing Skills
    • Negotiation & Closing Skills are required to establish the value to the customer of the benefits, often involving simple financial metrics, and close the deal. This skills set is amongst the most important in terms of essential sales skill. This is the point at which executives walk away with not just ‘a deal’ but a ‘great deal’ for themselves and their company.

      Within this simple 6 minute assessment we look at 3 key areas of business acumen that are crucial to sales success:

      • Influencing customer expectations
      • Negotiating
      • Objection handling

  • Information & Activity Management Skills
    • Information & Activity Management Skills are required to work effectively and in an organised manner, with clear plans and reports, with the purpose of facilitating the achievement of goals and targets. This skills set is all about working smarter – not harder! We are bombarded with leads, data, communications, new business opportunities…. but just how well does your team/you cope?

      Within this simple 5 minute assessment we look at 4 key areas of business acumen that are crucial to sales success:

      • Paperwork management
      • Achieving goals, objectives and targets
      • Planning and managing activities

  • Business Skills
    • Business Skills are required to establish personal and company credibility with the customer for the purpose of realising benefits from the relationship and opportunity spotting.

      Within this simple 10 minute assessment we look at 4 key areas of business acumen that are crucial to sales success:

      • Self management and professionalism
      • Problem solving
      • Exercising judgement and making decisions
      • Resilience and follow through

How it Works

Candidates can complete their online assessments either at work or in the privacy of their own home. Either way it is important that they allocate 35 to 40 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the assessment. Each module contains a series of statements and the candidates have 15 seconds to rate from strongly disagree to strongly agree.

Each candidate and their manager will receive a detailed report that highlights strengths and weaknesses in comparison to their peers, benchmarked against international sales skills averages.  The report is issued immediately after completion.

How to Proceed

Simply register your interest by completing our Contact Form and we will give you a call to discuss your requirements. We simply require each candidate’s name and email address along with the appropriate payment and once your account is active, you will receive an email with instructions. The report is issued immediately after completion.