We have examined the sales activities of the typical technology related Irish SME and identifies the following sales disciplines: Lead Generation, Business Development, Solution Selling, Key Account Management and Sales Management and we are working to produce training workshops to help improve the knowledge and skills required to be successful in these roles. In addition, apart from core selling skills, our Sales Skills Assessments highlight additional areas of competence such as Time Management, Self Motivation, Problem Solving etc. which we cover under the course title Sales Productivity.

Business Development

Business Development is the cornerstone of all B2B sales activities. Salespeople slog it out every day, over the phone and face to face, digging up opportunities and moving as many of them as they can through the sales process and ultimately to a ‘closed won’ status.

Most transactions are small to medium in value and sales cycles are short to medium and they can come from new or existing accounts. The accumulation of these transactions go a long way towards reaching the overall company sales target, the balance coming from enterprise sales and repeat business from key accounts.

Solution Selling

Solution selling is a sales strategy that places emphasis on the salesperson becoming a problem solver when dealing with his or her clients and to help them address their business critical issues. The process is intended to elevate the position of the salesperson from a mere vendor to a trusted advisor.

“Solution Selling is the Ability to Convince your Prospect to Choose you to Help them Solve their Business Critical Issues”

The skills required to successfully implement a solution selling approach are not always inherent in salespeople, especially if they are coming from a transactional (product) sales background. New knowledge and skills may need to be established or reinforced.

Sales Productivity

The role of salespeople is not confined to customer engagement, in order for them to function efficiently and effectively they must be prepared and organised. Issues such as motivation, accountability and time management all combine to complement the sales skills of the individual to allow them to perform to the best of their ability, this is particularly relevant to Business Development.

Soon to be Available

  • Lead Generation
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales Management

Course Delivery Options

Private / In-Company

Suitable for sales teams of 6 or more and available for:

  • Business Development
  • Solution Selling
  • Key Account Management
  • Sales Productivity

Course customisation is an option

Public / Scheduled

Suitable for sales teams of less than 6 and available for all courses.

Courses are only scheduled once the prerequisite number of places are allocated. Every effort is made to accommodate participant’s preference for dates and location.

Modular / Regular

Ideal for Dublin city based salespeople who find it difficult to take a full day out. Only available for Solution Selling which comprises of 4 x 2 hour modules. Each module is delivered on a Friday morning in the offices of Dublin Chamber of Commerce.