Sales Training for Business Development

Business Development is the cornerstone of all B2B sales activities. Salespeople slog it out every day, over the phone and face to face, digging up opportunities and moving as many of them as they can through the sales process and ultimately to a ‘closed won’ status.

Most transactions are small to medium in value and sales cycles are short to medium and they can come from new or existing accounts. The accumulation of these transactions go a long way towards reaching the overall company sales target, the balance coming from enterprise sales and repeat business from key accounts.

Benefits of Sales Training for Business Development

The objective of this course is to give salespeople a framework to base their activities on so that they will achieve their objectives of meeting their targets and growing the business.

  • Create More Opportunities
  • Make an Excellent First Impression
  • Improve Your Communication Skills
  • Avoid Time Wasting
  • Improve Your Presentation Skills
  • Handle Sales Objections Successfully
  • Improve Your Closing Skills

Course Details:

This is a half-day course available as a scheduled public course (see calendar) or delivered privately in-house. It is suitable for all B2B salespeople who are tasked with generating new business. If your role includes high value and complex sales see our Solution Selling course.

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