Solution Selling

Proactive Pipeline Solution Selling is a consultative based sales process and methodology designed for B2B enterprise salespeople. Research shows that organisations who operate a defined sales process outperform those who don’t by at least 20%. Salespeople who adopt our methodology give themselves a competitive advantage by:

  • Asking the right  questions, at the right time and in the right way
  • Understanding prospect’s needs at a deep business and personal level
  • Taking a partnership approach to doing business
  • Building strong and lasting business relationships
  • Offering compelling solutions to business critical problems



The first step in the process is engagement and the skills required to engage are exercised throughout the entire sales process. We examine the art of communications, asking intelligent questions in a structured way and actively listening to the answers. We apply the Social Penetration Theory of relationship building to our questioning model and encourage deep probing questions to get to the root cause of your client’s problems.


Solution Selling training


Engagement is followed by Discovery or what might be referred to as Qualification. Broadly based on the B.A.N.T. principle, with Solution Selling training we discover what the client’s needs are in terms of what problem needs to be solved, how pressing the problem is and who is most effected by the problem. This approach allow the salesperson the accurately qualify the opportunity before committing resources to it.

A salesperson’s time is their greatest asset, by accurately qualifying opportunities you can save valuable time. That time might be better spent working on different opportunities or seeking out new ones that are a better fit for your offering.


Once you are satisfied that the qualification criteria is met, you can begin the Closing process. No, you have not skipped a paragraph. The Proactive Pipeline Solution Selling methodology teaches salespeople to begin the closing process as soon as possible, immediately after Discovery (if not before!).


Solution Selling training


With solution selling training, Closing takes the form of working with your client or prospect to reach a point where they have accrued the benefits of implementing your solution. Solving the problem from a technical perspective is an achievement but that in itself does not address the business issue. You need to ensure that the solution you implement addresses the business driver behind the problem.


Presenting your solution can only take place once you have fully understood the client’s needs. This includes the business driver behind the problem and the client’s own view of what constitutes a workable solution. The two core components of Presentation are value (business and personal) and differentiation.

Solution Selling Training – Advantages

The Proactive Pipeline Solution Selling methodology elevates the position of the salesperson from a mere vendor to a trusted advisor, being in this position increases the likelihood of:

  • Winning more deals due to closer engagement with the client
  • Increased margin due to competing on value and not on price
  • Shorter sales cycles due to collaborative involvement in the buying process
  • Greater customer satisfaction and resulting referrals due to successful delivery of projects

The skills required to successfully implement a solution selling approach are not always inherent in salespeople, especially if they are coming from a transactional (product) sales background. New knowledge and skills may need to be established or reinforced.

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Is Solution Selling Training for You?

Solution selling training is not for everyone, it can be time consuming and demanding on resources. However, if you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, you should seriously consider adopting the methodology.

  • Do you sell solutions at a medium to high price point?
  • Do you want to move away from competing on price?
  • Are you tired of being on the back foot, responding to customer queries which are initiated by your competitors?
  • Are you finding it difficult to differentiate yourself against your competitors?
  • Would you like to strengthen the relationships with your customers?


Prospects and customers are far more likely to engage with you if you can answer “Yes” to these questions:

  • Do you have the capabilities to solve their problems?
  • Can you prove it, are you credible?
  • Are you the right person and company for them?
  • Can you demonstrate that the value you bring far outweighs the investment you are asking?
  • Can you be a true partner and guide them to where they want to be without bias?


Solution Selling Training – Course Details:

Solution selling training is a full day course available as a scheduled public course (see calendar) or delivered privately in-house. It is suitable for B2B salespeople who are tasked with delivering high value and complex sales.

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