Sales Opportunity Assessment (SOPAC)

SOPAC challenges the conventional CRM logic of how sales opportunities are weighted. Rather than applying percentages to an opportunity as it makes its way through the sales process, SOPAC applies percentages against sales objectives which must be met if a sale is to be successful.

It is based on the principle that a sales opportunity can in fact make it’s way through the sales process without fulfilling all the necessary criteria. Missing components can be vital to the overall success of the sale but skipped over because they represent only part of the CRM stage.

SOPAC is a sales opportunity assessment tool designed to overcome this problem by bringing the sellers attention to the core buying principles and prompting him/her to address them as well as moving through their process.

SOPAC is easy to use and free of charge*,  simply register as a user and create your opportunities. For each opportunity you will be asked to answer “Yes” or “No” to a series of 15 questions (under 5 categories). Once completed you will receive a Probability Score in the form of a percentage and a list of actions you need to complete in order to progress the sale to a successful conclusion.

Ideally, a sales process should be a combination of the companies specific process and the core buying principles. If you would like to discuss how this can be achieved we would be delighted to discuss it with you.