VP Sales Assist

Sales Improvement Programme

What are your business objectives?

  • Increase Sales
  • Improve Consistency
  • Reduce Cost of Sale
  • Improve Staff Retention

Most organisations are grappling with the same issues as you:

  • Shortage of Time – to plan and implement improvement programmes
  • Shortage of Training Skills – to deliver training, coaching, mentoring & continued education
  • Talent Management – recruiting the keeping the best candidates
  • Sales Performance Management – team motivation, engagement and morale

Sales Managers and Directors know what needs to be done but often struggle to find the time and resources to implement the programmes that they know will make a difference. The temptation to send the team on a one-day sales training course is resisted because they know the results will be short lived.

One-off training events can keep some corners happy for a while, but they are not the answer to organisational change that will deliver improved performance in the long term.


VP Sales Assist is a 5 step Sales Improvement Programme

  1. Sales Skills Assessments – assess the current skill levels scientifically.
  2. Strategic Workshop – agree the current and future challenges and agree a plan for strategic intervention.
  3. Team Training Workshops – Implement skills training with the sales team.
  4. Coaching / Mentoring – support individual team members.
  5. Reassess – evaluate the results.

This Sales Improvement Programme can be implemented over 3 months or longer depending on your need.

This Sales Improvement Programme is suitable for sales teams of all sizes.