Improve Team Results with VP Sales Assist

VP Sales Assist is designed to assist the VP of Sales with the more mundane tasks related to sales management but which are vital to team performance and results:

  • Sales Pipeline and Forecasting Accuracy
  • Motivation
  • CRM Compliance
  • Time Management and Prioritizing Tasks
  • Goal Setting and Achieving
  • Competitive Awareness
  • Responsibility and Accountancy
  • Problem Solving and Risk Assessment

Diverse sales teams who cover large territories such as USA, EMEA or APAC can be difficult to manage. Between quarterly sales meetings they are virtually on their own and expected to self driven and achieve results with minimal interaction with superiors or colleagues.

Map of EMEA

The general consensus is that such salespeople are mature and experienced enough to be self motivated, they don’t need much attention. In fact, few salespeople can be classified as being highly driven, self motivated and organised, take a look at your own team, would it be 20%?

We offer bespoke solutions drawn from our suite of Sales Training Courses and support services such as Sales Skills Assessments or Individual Sales Mentoring to complement the VP’s management activities.

Improvements in the following areas can pay huge dividends:

  • Team Building
  • Knowledge and Ideas Transfer Between Team Members
  • Motivation
  • Alternative Support Structures
  • Different Perspectives
  • Building Business Development Plans
  • Developing Key Account Management Plans
  • Following Through on Opportunities
  • Becoming More Familiar with the Competitive Landscape

It is the ultimate goal of all sales managers to reach and exceed their sales quotas while keeping costs and staff turnover to a minimum.  It is a challenge for management to conduct all the necessary tasks to achieve this with limited resources, especially time.  Our goal is to assist management in achieving their goal by undertaking some of the more mundane but critical time consuming tasks as outlined above.  We are very conscious not to upset the status quo in relation to areas of responsibility and reporting lines, that our task is to assist and not to interfere with management activities and responsibilities.