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Our Mission

By providing structured sales processes and insightful knowledge and skills, Proactive Pipeline creates a sales-focused culture within B2B SMEs, resulting in more sales, higher margins, healthy cash flows, and a brighter future.

Our Story

Proactive Pipeline was founded by Brendan Dunne, who spent his entire adult life in B2B sales. His career began with SMEs, working in various industries before he made a move into the corporate world. On reflection, Brendan recognised one serious difference between the two, apart from the obvious scale of operations, the focus on growth within corporates was palpable, whereas SMEs were often content with survival.

There is no logic for this difference, it seems to be a cultural thing. Corporates tend to be driven by external forces, namely Wall Street, while SMEs are spared such interference, it does reflect on their sales performance. Also, corporates view salespeople and the sales department as a function, like any other function, such as accounting, marketing or legal. SMEs, on the other hand, can view salespeople as multi-functional. This is understandable when resources are scarce, but too often, the sales function doesn't rank high enough on the multi-functional scale.

We believe that many SMEs possess far greater growth potential than they exhibit and this potential can be realised through sales-driven initiatives. By implementing specific sales processes, proper measures of performance, designated areas of responsibility and appropriate reward and recognition programmes, these SMEs can realise their potential is a far shorter time frame than otherwise envisioned. 

Brendan has almost 40 years of B2B selling experience in various industries and roles. Before he founded Proactive Pipeline in 2014, he held the positions of Sales Manager, Key Account Manager, Business Development Manager and Channel Manager in various IT sectors including Office Equipment, Infrastructure, Data Collection, Connectivity, and Application Development. He operated in different industries including Highly Regulated Manufacturing, Financial Services, Information Technology, Distribution, and Administration.

Brendan Dunne
Founder at Proactive Pipeline

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