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DISC Behavioural Assessments
Solution Selling requires that you build and maintain rapport with your prospects throughout the sales cycle. DISC Behavioural Assessments can help you succeed in this endeavour.


Understanding DISC styles will have an impact on the impression you make in the first few minutes of a meeting. In that short, precious time, you make or break the sale. In that time, your prospect sizes you up and determines if you are the type of person he or she would like to do business with. Great listeners make the best salespeople and this is even more important when solution selling. Master the skill of effective listening and every other aspect of your relationships will improve.


The purpose of Discovery is to get an accurate picture of the customer’s needs and what it will take to provide an effective solution. To do so, you need to listen to what the customer says as well as know how to ask the right questions to get the information you need. Asking intelligent questions is a critical sales skill.

Responding to Discovery works best when you collaborate with your prospect to find a solution that meets their needs. It is a process of taking your prospect’s ideas and combining them with your own ideas to arrive at a solution that makes sense to both of you. The give-and-take exchange can be thought of as an opportunity to “switch heads” with your prospect. As you propose a solution, relate it to the prospect’s needs that you discovered and explain how it will work in your prospect’s environment.


Gaining commitment flows naturally for the solution salesperson who exercises good Discovery and collaborates with their prospect to achieve a common outcome. This trading of knowledge and ideas is core to what DISC is designed to achieve, and that is you understanding your prospect’s communications preferences and adapting your own communication style to suit theirs.

Sales Skills Assessments

Sales Skills Assessments are formal measures of the skill levels of salespeople. They can be used to measure skill levels before sales training and again afterwards, the difference being the improvements achieved. Alternatively, and more commonly, assessments are used to screen job candidates prior to investing time and money processing candidates through the interviewing process.

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