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Selling is a complex business. The knowledge and skills required to be proficient at selling are wide and varied and cannot be learned or acquired in a short period of time. People spend a lifetime educating themselves and honing their skills, the best of salespeople, The Champions, are never content, they are always looking to improve, so in addition to our sales framework and methodology, we offer some complimentary services.

Sales Skills Assessments

Before you invest in sales training, it's beneficial to know how skilled your salespeople currently are and what type of training is required. Sales Skills Assessments are also very useful when screening potential new hires.

DISC Behavioural Assessments

Personal communications are at the heart of selling, so it's highly beneficial to understand the communication preferences or styles of your prospects and customers. DISC helps salespeople understand their own style, the style of others and how to adapt their style to suit others.

Fractional Sales Management

Salespeople need to be managed in order to extract the best performance. Large organisations enjoy the economies of scale that allow them to allocate a sales manager to a team, a rule of thumb is 6 salespeople to 1 manager. Smaller organisations or teams of less than 6, can struggle with management. Fractional Sales Management is designed to address this issue.  

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