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Fractional Sales Management

The Scenario

You are a business owner, you have grown your business through your skills as an innovator and excellent customer service. You employ 20 people and your turnover is €3.5m. You employ 1 salesperson, who emerged from the organisation and they are cut from a similar cloth as yourself. You're proud of your progress to date, as you should be, but you want to bring the company to the next level. This means expanding the sales force to 3 salespeople and a major shift in activity from reactionary to proactivity.

The Problem:
  1. You don't have the experience of managing a sales team.
  2. If you were to immerse yourself in the task, you might lose your focus on the other tasks required to grow the business.
  3. It simply wouldn't pay to hire a Sales Manager, the team ratio of 3 to 1 would put a great strain on the finances.
  4. To do nothing would slow down the growth strategy and this is something you don't want to sacrifice 
The Solution

Fractional Sales Management is where you outsource the task of Sales Management to a third party. The consultant becomes an integral part of your organisation, as an employee would, but they spend a fraction of their time with you in return for a fraction of the salary paid to a full-time Sales Manager. The amount of time is calculated by the number of people to be managed and the duties undertaken but usually between a half day and a full day per week.

Proactive Pipeline provide this service to a small number of clients where the conditions are ideal. Ideal meaning that there is a good relationship between the principles, that the role is clear and we can fully identify with the industry, the market segment and the nature of the solution offered. It is also paramount that there is no conflict between any two clients. Each client is aware of all others we work with and consulted before a new client is enrolled. If there is an objection from any existing client, we decline the new business.

If you are struggling with this balance and you think Fractional Sales Management might be the answer, we would be delighted to hear from you.
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