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Sales Champions Framework

The Sales Champions Framework is a set of principles, processes, and tools that a sales organisation can Adopt, Adapt and Apply to their unique selling environment.

Adopt, Adapt and Apply

It’s true that every organisation is different, if they weren’t, they would be in the commodities market and competing only on price. Therefore, their sales training needs are unique and that is why a Framework, such as Sales Champions, is a suitable platform to deliver sales training.

By applying the Accelerated Learning approach of facilitation, we guide participants through the Framework as it applies to them. This creates a truly unique experience that learners can identify with. The result of sitting the Framework is an excellent sales training experience. Participants are free to apply the learning as they deem fit, without complying to a Methodology. If you would prefer to install a Methodology, please visit the SOPAC Methodology page.

Sales Champions Framework Modules

Module 1 of 4 – The Hard Slog

The Hard Slog is the part that most salespeople dread and central to this is Prospecting. There’s no doubt that it is a hard slog but if planned and structured correctly, it becomes successful and rewarding and less of a slog! On the flip side, if left unplanned and unstructured, Prospecting is avoided and the consequences are dire, a poor sales pipeline, missed targets, revenue peaks and troughs, tension and frustration, even stress and illness.

Module 2 of 4 – The Deep Dive

On the back of successful Prospecting, salespeople earn the right to discuss opportunities with their prospects. Without these Discovery conversations, deals will never happen. Salespeople Dive Deep to gain a thorough understanding of a prospect’s needs. Needs is a broad term and goes well beyond the boundaries of problem solving. The Deep Dive takes us into areas such as the buying circle, budget and finance, impact, personal value, perceived risk, preferences and reciprocation.

Module 3 of 4 – The Showdown

There is always competition and the Showdown does not necessarily refer to direct competitors. Competition can come in the form of doing nothing or doing it themselves. The Showdown prepares us for each of these eventualities. Presentation and Closing are central to The Showdown but also includes Objection Handling, Negotiating, and securing Referrals. Depending on your unique sales process, it could also include implementation and follow up.

Module 4 of 4 – The Embrace

It's a difficult task to win accounts, a Hard Slog you might say! Retaining and growing accounts is equally difficult. The Embrace is a Framework designed for Account Management, to enable Account Managers to structure their activities to maximise the return on named accounts. The core of this module is Relationship Management as exercised through the use of DISC Assessments. From a methodology perspective, the Framework equips Account Managers with the knowledge skill and tools to plan and execute a winning approach. 

 Learning Outcomes:

  • The creation of a company/product/service specific Sales Process
  • Understand Human Behaviours relative to moving Prospects through the Sales Process
  • Overcome Disruptive Emotions that prevent salespeople from performing at their best
  • How to deal with the 3 greatest Challenges to Prospecting: Time, Procrastination & the Message
  • How to ask Structured Questions to extract Information and Build Relationships
  • How to exercise Active Listening to improve Communications and further Build Relationships
  • How to quickly Qualify Opportunities so that you are working on Winnable Deals
  • How to look beyond the obvious to fully understand a Prospect’s Needs and Urgency
  • Get to know DORIS®, the 5 characters you will meet in a Buying Circle
  • How to handle a Prospect’s alternative choice, without conflict
  • Exercise TRACER® characteristics, that will endear your Prospects
  • How to create a Closing Strategy and achieve Buyer Collaboration
  • How to write Closing letters, throughout the Sales Process
  • Learn the 7 Principles of Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion
  • What and How to Present a Solution or Opportunity
  • How to write an Executive Summary, the real selling page of a Proposal
  • How to Handle Objections, throughout the Sales Process
  • Learn the Cardinal Rule of Negotiating

The format of delivery can be whatever you would like it to be. Framework or Methodology, all in one session or spread over a longer period, in your premises or at a remote venue, stand-alone or combined with other services.

For individuals or small groups, we deliver the Framework as 3 individual modules, on consecutive months in Dublin. You can visit the schedule here.

If you feel the Sales Champions Framework would be of benefit to your sales team, please proceed to book a call...

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