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Sales Training

Proactive Pipeline Sales Process

The Proactive Pipeline Solution Selling Programme provides a process of best practice for salespeople to follow when presented with a lead. The logical sequence of this process is Qualification, Engagement, Discovery, Closing, and Presentation. Each stage of the process is a subprocess in its own right, and appears in the Programme as a Module. Each Module is delivered in sequence over the course or the programme through the format of Blended Learning.



As time is a salesperson's most valuable resource, it's very important to protect it. You will learn the PUMA qualification method to help you decide whether or not to spend your time and other resources on specific leads. Spending time on unwinnable deals is time NOT spent on winnable deals.


'People Buy from People they Like', learn that likable salespeople are TRACERS: Trustworthy, Respectable, Authentic, Credible, Empathetic, Resourceful, and Sincere. Convince people that you are a TRACER and all things being equal, they will WANT to buy from you.


Solution Selling by definition is helping people to solve their problems, so a full and complete understanding of their overall position is paramount. Problems are intertwined with many other aspects of the business, so addressing the bigger picture is preferable to solving a problem in isolation.


Now is the time to instigate your closing strategy, not at the end of the sales process. Closing should not be thought of as an event, but as an elongated subprocess. Collaboration with stakeholders, with eyes fixed firmly on the outcome, will create a closing environment more favourable to the seller.


What you present, how you present it, and who you present it to, requires great consideration. At this stage of the sales process, you are probably on a shortlist along with serious competition. You can only present what you know, so those that conduct the best Discovery will prevail.

Blended Learning

Blended Learning is a combination of different learning methods that appeal to different learning styles. Styles include Auditory, Visual, Kinaesthetic & Social, and although learners have a preference for a particular style, they are most successful when they are exposed to a blend of styles. The programme is delivered through 3 core methods, E-Learning modules with Workbooks (Auditory/Visual), SOPAC - on-the-job E-Training modules (Kinaesthetic), and Virtual Coaching Sessions (Social).

In addition, other facets of the Programme can be associated with Blended Learning, such as the Programme being delivered over a 4 to 6 week period, as opposed to a 1 or 2-day event. We also include management as part of the Programme, it is important that the 'captain' of the team is central to the strategic approach of the company. There are also optional services that can be included in the Programme, such as DISC Behavioural Assessments and Sales Skills Assessments.


All training is designed to improve the Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude (KSA) of participants. E-Learning modules provide the Knowledge of solution selling best practices for salespeople to plan and execute their activities effectively. Each Module comprises a subset of lessons relative to each topic in the form of slides with voiceover, accompanied by printable text-based workbooks. The E-Learning platform is available on-demand and repeatable for a period of 12 weeks from the commencement of the Programme.


As E-Learning provides knowledge, E-Training helps to develop Skills. SOPAC is our on-the-job training application designed to take the guess-work out of assessing the win probability of a Sales Opportunity. Trainers will use SOPAC to record their activities and achievements regarding a roleplay scenario, to develop the habit of paying attention to detail. SOPAC is modular, to reflect the structure of the E-Learning modules and it is drip-fed to learners in parallel with E-Learning.  In addition to being a training aid, SOPAC can also be used in the longer term to manage live opportunities.  

Virtual Coaching

Throughout the course of the Programme, learners will engage with their Proactive Pipeline Sales Coach via Zoom video. The sessions are designed to assist learners with their understanding of the content and to facilitate practice through role-play scenarios, as such Coaching delivers Knowledge and Skills, and helps with the input of management to influence Attitude.

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