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Sales Training

When you consider how important revenue is to your organisation, it stands to reason that you should equip your salespeople with the processes, tools, knowledge, and skills required to be successful in their roles. Sales challenges include:

  • A lack of prospecting activities, leading to peaks and troughs in revenues
  • Poor qualification results in wasting time on unwinnable deals
  • Stalled opportunities
  • Poor Conversion Rates, caused by a lack of understanding of buyer behaviour
  • Presenting without knowing the full facts
  • Poorly thought out closing strategies

To overcome these challenges, amongst others, salespeople require a structured approach of best practices, as well as the knowledge and skills to execute them.

The Sales Champions Framework is our flagship offering designed for Business Development Managers, Solution Sellers, and Account Managers. It is based on a generic sales process and participants follow an "Adopt, Adapt and Apply" approach for it to fit their specific selling environment.


Telling Isn't Training


From a training perspective, we apply the principles of Blended Learning, a mix of different learning experiences and Accelerated Learning, highly interactive engagements throughout the workshops. The benefits of this approach result in a greater Understanding of the topics, higher Retention rates, and a greater propensity to Use the knowledge and skills learned. 


Understand ⇒ Retain ⇒ Use


Principles of Accelerated Learning

  • Business focused and learner-centred objectives. Ensures stakeholder and learner buy-in, essential to success.
  • Be a facilitator (Telling Isn't Training), inspires learners to learn more and to continue learning.
  • Look at all the various ways in which learners can learn. Variety means that learners will be engaged for longer.
  • Take care of the learner's environment, feed natural curiosity and encourage to learn together.
  • Leverage the brain to maximise retention. Maximising how the brain works, helps learning stick. 

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