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SOPAC Sales Methodology

Particularly suitable for organisations who sell complex, high-value solutions with long sales cycles. 

SOPAC focuses on the opportunity and each key component of the sales process, ensuring that nothing is left to chance. As salespeople satisfy themselves with particular components of the sales process, they update SOPAC accordingly. The result is that the status of each opportunity is extremely accurate and visible to all concerned with the opportunity.

SOPAC Methodology

As a Sales Director, how convinced are you of the true Win-Probability of your team's opportunities?

SOPAC is an extension of the Sales Champions Framework. To implement SOPAC, we must first gain a full understanding of our client's sales process and what each step in the process means to them. This understanding is achieved by applying the Framework as a consultative session (as opposed to a training session). Based on the outcome of the Framework, we create a client-specific version of SOPAC.

Sales Training then takes the form of delivering the SOPAC Sales Methodology. Salespeople are trained on how to execute the methodology as it applies to their organisation. It could be explained to salespeople and new hires, as "this is how we do business".

Benefits of the SOPAC Sales Methodology

  • Greatly Improve Your Win-Probability
  • Achieve Conformity across all Opportunities and Salespeople
  • Create a Common Language for all to Understand
  • Escalate the Productivity of New Hires
  • Improved Efficiencies by Constantly Moving Opportunities Forward

The use of SOPAC compensates for the often inaccurate probability status generated by a CRM System. SOPAC is not a CRM System but designed to complement one, either in paper form, a spreadsheet or a CRM Add-on, currently available for Smart Office and will be available for others in due course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • The creation of a company/product/service specific Sales Methodology
  • Understand Human Behaviours relative to moving Prospects through the Sales Process
  • Overcome Disruptive Emotions that prevent salespeople from performing at their best
  • How to deal with the 3 greatest Challenges to Prospecting: Time, Procrastination & the Message
  • How to ask Structured Questions to extract Information and Build Relationships
  • How to exercise Active Listening to improve Communications and further Build Relationships
  • How to quickly Qualify Opportunities so that you are working on Winnable Deals
  • How to look beyond the obvious to fully understand a Prospect’s Needs and Urgency
  • Get to know DORIS®, the 5 characters you will meet in a Buying Circle
  • How to handle a Prospect’s alternative choice, without conflict
  • Exercise TRACER® characteristics, that will endear your Prospects
  • How to create a Closing Strategy and achieve Buyer Collaboration
  • How to write Closing letters, throughout the Sales Process
  • Learn the 7 Principles of Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion
  • What and How to Present a Solution or Opportunity
  • How to write an Executive Summary, the real selling page of a Proposal
  • How to Handle Objections, throughout the Sales Process
  • Learn the Cardinal Rule of Negotiating
  • Create a Sales Opportunity Assessment with the use of SOPAC®

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