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Your Needs

When searching for Sales Training, it’s important to examine your actual requirements before engaging with potential suppliers, so what are Your Needs? The answer to this question often depends on who is being asked the question, each role has its own objectives and priorities.

You will notice the list is broad and varied, and far from complete. Choosing a sales training provider should be a strategic decision, and as such, it should involve all the above roles, but maybe not all their objectives.

Put the sales training initiative into perspective by focusing on why it was suggested in the first place. This can be a useful starting point, but other issues will need to be considered. It might be an idea for each role to select their three most important objectives and have the most senior role sort these objectives in order of priority (there may be some duplication). Each objective can be given a weighting and providers can be measured on how well they satisfy each objective on a rating scale. This at least will help focus the mind and will eliminate some providers early in the process.

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